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Humidification for HVAC

To achieve an optimal indoor climate, humidification is an indispensable part of an overall ventilation and air conditioning solution.

Adiabatic Humidifiers

Humidification for Direct Room

Humidification makes a significant contribution to optimized production and storage processes, conservation of value and work performance.

Humidification for Health

Humidification for Health

Humidity is no longer considered a soft factor for indoor air quality, as relative humidity levels of 40-60% can minimize the majority of adverse health effects.

Humidifier Manufacturers

Meet Hugo the Humidity Duck

You may be wondering why Hugo joined the Nortec team. Well, both Hugo and Nortec love humidity!  Learn more about Hugo...

Adiabatic Humidifier

Dual Technology Humidifier

DL Series - Two adiabatic humidification methods intelligently combined!

Humidification Software

Help Software - Humidification 

Help Software - Its everywhere you need to be. Activate your free account today!

Humidifier Water Quality

Humidification Water Quality

Clean water makes a difference - make no compromises

Evaporative Humidifier

Nortec Evaporative Humidifier

Saving energy and water, while reducing operating costs