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Nortec's accredited service training classroom is a hands on mobile learning environment, that is available to come to your facility to train up to 8 service technicians at a time. The classroom has 5 hands on workstations, fully functioning Nortec RH2, EL, RS, and GS humidifiers, and students are able to explore Nortec Controls and Steam Line Installations.

Upon successful completion of each training module, attendees will be Nortec Accredited Service Technicians for their product of choice.

Our product course modules include (see program details below):

  • RH2 | Residential Humidifier Accredited Program - 7 hours
  • EL Series | Electrode Steam Humidifier Accredited Program - 7 hours
  • RS Series | Resistive Steam Humidifier Accredited Program - 7 hours
  • GS Series | Gas-Steam Humidifier Accredited Program - 7 hours
  • To learn more about becoming Nortec Accredited, see our FAQ's section below.

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    Once your training date and location has been confirmed, an invoice will be sent to your for the registration fee.  Payment is not needed at time of registration.

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    $4,000 USD for up to 8 participants  
    $4,000 USD for up to 8 participants  
    $4,000 USD for up to 8 participants  
    $4,000 USD for up to 8 participants  

    RH2 Course Overview

    EL Series Course Overview

    RS Course Overview

    GS Series Course Overview


    Why become a Nortec Accredited Service Technician?

    Upon completion of Nortec's PASS program technicians will be registered as a Nortec Product Accredited Service Technicians.  Being accredited provides benefits such as providing your customers with competent knowledgeable service for both troubleshooting and principle of operation.  You will also reduce the number of callbacks, and warranty issues allowing you to focus on new business.  All Accredited Service Technicians will be listed on Nortec's website, as well as have the opportunity to use the Nortec name and logo for branding purposes on company service vehicles.

    Which courses should I participate in?

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    Can I take two training modules in one day?

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    What is the cost?

    The cost is $4000 USD flat fee, for a maximum of 8 participants for one product module.  This includes Nortec bringing our mobile service classroom to a location of your choice, all equipment, laptops, and meals and drinks for the day.  You will be invoiced for the course amount once a training day is confirmed.

    How soon should I book my service training?

    Due to the limited amount of training sessions it is recommended that you book a minimum of three months in advance to receive your preferred training date.

    Are there course prerequisites?

    Yes, all attendees must complete Nortec's PASS online program prior to attending the onsite classroom session.  The cost for PASS online is included in your $3000 registration fee. Following registration, and course confirmation, you will receive instructions on how to complete Nortec's PASS online program.

    How long will I be accredited and will I have to re-certify in the future?

    Upon successful completion of Nortec's PASS you will be a Nortec Product Accredited Service Technician for three years.  At the end of the three years you will need to take the course again to become re-accredited.

    What do I need to bring to the training?

    Steel toed shoes, and safety glasses. We will provide everything else.

    What is the cancellation policy?

    You may cancel your training up to 14 days prior to your reserved date to receive a full refund.  After 14 days your reservation is non-refundable. 

    Nortec reserves the right to cancel training sessions at their discretion and under these circumstances will provide attendees with a full refund.