Expert on Site  -  Quality Service Straight From The Manufacturer, Guaranteed!

Why Choose Expert on Site for your Nortec Humidifier and Evaporative Cooling Systems?

As the global market leader for humidification and evaporative cooling solutions, Nortec is continuously aiming to exceed customer satisfaction through reliable and durable solutions. With service for your humidifier system, provided by a Nortec Expert on Site, we transfer the knowledge from our team at the factory right to the customer’s site. We deliver to you, the benefit of a wide range of service offerings, spare part portfolios, service experts, and over 40 years of experience in reliable service delivery.  

When choosing Nortec’s Expert on Site (EoS) to install, start-up or provide preventative maintenance for a Nortec humidifier, the facility owner, engineer, and contractor will reap the benefit of having the manufacturer’s expertise delivered directly on site. Your humidifier will receive quality workmanship, guaranteed to the highest standard, giving everyone peace of mind.

All Nortec orders are automatically archived including the system and design data for each delivered unit. During any service work, a Nortec Expert on Site can access this data on-site via mobile software to get the most updated installation plan or an accurate picture of the system’s history. A Nortec Expert on Site is the best solution when it comes to the necessary expertise to install, commission, or maintain a Nortec humidification system.

Expert on Site includes, but is not limited to:


Including the manufacturer’s expertise during the installation of your humidifier project ensures that it will be configured as it was designed and optimizes system performance for the duration of its life time. A dedicated project manager will guide you and your 

local representative through the entire installation process ending with [if included] successful product commissioning, training, and hand-off.

Installation Support

Just like installation provided directly by a Nortec Expert on Site, installation support will provide the same benefits. This option allows for local contractors to be guided by our technicians during the install project and ensures the installation is done as the
manufacturer recommends. Ensure they know how the job is done right.

Start-up & Commissioning

Get your humidification system off to the best possible start. Proper start-up and commissioning is critical for the system to run optimally over the course of its
life time. A Nortec Expert on Site will validate that the control parameters work as designed and ensure that the humidifier is optimizing energy consumption.

Your local Nortec representative can provide you with a quote for a wide range of service offerings for your new project or your existing system including: Installation, Installation Support, Start-up & Commissioning, Preventative Maintenance, System Assessment, Decommissioning, Refurbishment & Reinstallation, Product Ownership Training, Water Quality & Bacteria Testing.

Nobody knows their humidifiers better than Nortec... We are the experts! 

Features and benefits

  • Technical expertise delivered directly from the manufacturer
  • Efficient and long humidifier operational lifetime
  • Accommodation for contractor and engineering partners
  • Peace of mind knowing that an expert will be on site
  • Focus on other projects while we handle your humidifier service
  • Professional project management

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