Industrial & commercial humidification for every application

Condair humidifiers and evaporative cooling systems have been helping improve productivity and health in many commercial and industrial applications throughout the World for over 60 years.

Nortec Knows Your Equipment Best...

You have chosen the best humidifier brand in the industry, now keep your system running at peak performance by servicing it regularly with a Nortec factory trained technician.

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Clean Water Makes The Difference

Even if it appears clear and pure and is perfectly suitable for use as drinking water, untreated water is still unsuitable for use with your Nortec humidification system.

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Service FAQs

Our Technical Service team is currently working to put together a list of the questions they are most frequently asked.

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Replacement Cylinders for you Humidifier

This ease of cleaning and cylinder replacement is one of the main features that helps reduce customer maintenance costs.

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