AHR Innovation Awards
Nortec Receives TWO Honorable Mentions

Nortec is pleased to be recognized by AHR Expo for two of it's latest innovations: the DL Series Hybrid Humidifier and the GS Series Gas-Fired Humidifier.

The AHR Expo Innovation Awards give special recognition to the exhibiting companies that have developed the most creative and useful products on the market in the past year.

There are 10 categories of competition, including: building automation, cooling, green building, heating, indoor air quality, plumbing, refrigeration, software, tools & instruments, and ventilation. The annual competition is sponsored by ASHRAE, AHRI and the AHR Expo. The awards are presented at the Show and everyone is welcome to attend.

This year Nortec submitted two products for consideration by the committee and we were thrilled to learn that the DL Series Hybrid Humidifier and the GS Series Gas-fired Humidifier both receive Honorable Mention Awards.  The DL Series received an honorable mention for the "Green Products" category and the GS Series in the "Indoor Air Quality" category.


DL Series
Hybrid Humidifier

Honorable Mention for Green Products

The Nortec DL Series is an adiabatic humidifier that conditions air to optimum humidity levels for numerous industries and applications. Unlike isothermal humidification, adiabatic humidification does not require the input of energy into system but takes advantage of energy present in the airstream. The DL uses a combination of adiabatic methods to create the most efficient adiabatic system available. A single DL unit can provide up to 2200 lbs/hr of humidification and 630kW of free cooling with minimal energy consumption. Visit humidity.com for more information on the DL Series Humidifier.


GS Series
Gas-fired Humidifier 

Honorable Mention for Indoor Air Quality

The Nortec GS Series is a gas-fired isothermal humidifier which produces hygienic and atmospheric steam to fulfill a large range of humidification requirements.  Humidification is a critical element to ensuring the ideal air quality for any indoor environment. Direct building management integration allow the GS to provide necessary steam quantities both inside duct systems or directly in space to bring indoor humidity conditions back up to required set points. This gas-fired technology is powered with either natural gas or propane,  allowing for flexible and economic operation. Visit humidity.com for more information on the GS Series Humidifier.

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