Gas-Fired Humidification – Applications and State of the Technology

As prices for electricity continue to rise, and as the need for humidification continues to grow in modern, healthy buildings, gas-fired humidification is becoming a very cost effective and environmentally friendly option for humidification.

This webinar will present upon the current state of gas-fired humidification technology, and delve into the many and varied applications for a gas-fired humidifier. Chris will present the standard installation concerns and how to mitigate them, provide guidance on system sizing and design, as well as introduce a new high-efficiency option for gas-fired humidification technology. He will also briefly discuss control strategies and technologies.

Bio: Chris Habets is the Global Product Manager for Nortec’s Isothermal Gas and Steam product lines. He has been with Nortec Humidity for three years in Application Management and Product Management. He is a member of the Ottawa Valley ASHRAE Chapter, and volunteers in student outreach and career fairs with the chapter. Mr. Habets’ knowledge of steam humidification systems and applications has allowed him to present to ASHRAE chapter meetings and to other interested audiences across North America. He has a Bachelor of Engineering from Carleton University, specializing in Sustainable and Renewable Energy and is a registered EIT with Professional Engineers Ontario.

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