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Listed below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Nortec's Certified Technicians Program.  If you still have unanswered questions, please email us at certified.tech@humidity.com


1- Who is eligible to participate in the Nortec Certified Technicians program?

Anyone who is a currently an employee of a company that is a Nortec Authorized Agent, or an individual that is approved to partake in the program by their Nortec Authorized Agent.

2 - How much does the program cost?

There are no fees to participate.

3- When will the training take place?

This is a web based course, so you pick the time and location that best fits your schedule.

4- How long is the course?

The training video, depending on the technology, is about an hour.  There is also additional reading material provided.  Once you have reviewed all of the provided material, you will be required to take an online multiple choice exam before certification is awarded.

5- Is there a minimum passing grade for the exam?

Yes, participants must receive a minimum of 75% before they are certified. 

6- What happens if I do not meet the 75% minimum requirement on the exam?

You are provided two attempts at the exam, after that you will be required to wait six months before attempting again.

7- When will I know if I passed the exam?

You will receive your results instantly once your exam is complete.  A Nortec representative will contact you within 48 hours to confirm the results.

8- How long will I be certified for?

For each course that you pass you will be certified for two years.  After the two years you will be required to re-certify.

9- Will I receive an official document that shows I am a Nortec Certified Technician?

Yes, you will receive a certificate in the mail shortly after you complete your exam.

10- How many technologies can I get certified in?

At the present time we are offering certification for Steam Lines.  The program will be expanding in the future months to include all five Nortec technologies.

11- I just attended Nortec's Factory Training Service Program in Ottawa, do I get credit for that?

If you attend Nortec's Factory Training Service Program and you are already a certified technician, you can add one year, to your certification for a total of three years before you have to re-certify.

12- What equipment or tools do I need to participate?

Only a computer with an internet connection.


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