Whether you professionally install and maintain Nortec humidifiers or you just want to ensure you’re always on top of humidification trends and technology updates, Nortec’s Certified Tech Program has something in store for you. Find all commonly asked questions in our FAQs, sign-up for a Gas-Fired Humidification Webinar or start training to become a Nortec Certified Technician.

The webinar will allow you to gain deep inside knowledge into how and why gas-fired humidification is becoming a popular humidification alternative while being environmentally friendly. Grow your skills and sign up today.

The Certified Technician Program will amp up your skill level by providing thorough training on modules for each technology that we manufacture. Become a Certified Technician in just one or all technologies - the choice is yours. Sign up today!

Certified Technicians Program

Do you install or service Nortec humidification and cooling systems? Get certified now to be able to offer your customers that extra bit of peace of mind.

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Webinar - Gas-Fired Humidification – Applications and State of the Technology

Electricity is becoming increasingly expensive and as the need for humidification continues to rise which ultimately leads to gas-fired humidification becoming a very attractive option for urban humidification needs. It’s cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

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FAQs About The Nortec Certified Tech Program

What tools do you need to bring to the program? When can you get your results? What’s the minimum passing average for the program?

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