Nortec Electric Steam Humidifiers: Commercial and Industrial Humidification Solutions for Every Application

Electric steam humidifiers offer a comfortable and reliable solution for commercial and industrial spaces and can be installed in a variety of operations and settings. Due to their compatibility with a number of different control options and water types, Nortec’s electric steam humidifiers allow for various capacities and humidification and cooling methods. Are you looking to provide a safer and healthier air environment for your employees in the workplace? Does your equipment and products require a stable room humidity level? An electric steam humidifier system presents a hygienic, safe and efficient solution.

EL Series Electrode Steam Humidifier

The industry’s most cost effective steam humidification presents a favored option to our clients, contractors and system engineers due to its incompa …

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RS Series Resistive Humidifier

Precision and optimal humidification is what allows this series to safely produce pure and safe steam.

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Residential Humidification Accuracy and Efficiency at its Best

To ensure a healthy, comfortable and static-free environment for residential buildings this system combines sleek design and humidification reliabili …

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Electric Outdoor Humidifiers

Suitable for various climate zones the EL-OC and the RS-OC grant a secure and cost-saving option for reliable and optimal outdoor humidification need …

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OE Series OEM Electric Humidifier

Built on industry-leading technology innovations, this powerful series reliably creates and maintains important humidity levels for any commercial en …

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