Draabe Series Humidification Modules

Industrial Humidifier / Commercial Humidifier

Draabe-Series humidification solutions are for applications with both high or low humidification requirements. 

The Draabe direct room humidification system can be individually positioned and, in combination with the integrated water treatment unit, is easy to maintain and a completely hygienic solution.

In these humidifier nozzle systems, a high-pressure pump and special high-pressure nozzles are used to atomize water into microfine particles with virtually no noise. High-pressure hoses route the water directly to the air humidifiers. The microfine atomization ensures that moisture is quickly absorbed into the air. Compared with nozzles operated with compressed air, this system incurs only a fraction of the electricity costs and achieves a much greater humidification performance . 

Nortec Commercial & Industrial Humidifiers

Nortec's Draabe Humidifiers are ideal for many applications including:

Humidification for Museums

Dry air absorbs humidity from objects, their weight is reduced and they contract. In the case of hu …

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Why Humidify... For Printing

Paper is a natural material and very susceptible to changes in relative humidity. If the atmosphere …

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Packaging humidification

Reducing static and maintaining the properties of paper, card and adhesives.

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Why Humidify... For Greenhouses

Constant and even humidity levels allow plants to thrive.

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