The installation of a Nortec direct room humidification system always achieves the goal: the air in your commercial or industrial facility maintains the precise relative humidity level required to keep your equipment safe, your production successful, and your workers healthy. Due to the optimized room climate, the number of production errors will be noticeably reduced, increasing both customer satisfaction and cost. From our Draabe Series to the AF-22 Compressed Air Humidifier series, you can be sure to find your perfect commercial or industrial humidification match right here:

Draabe Series Humidifiers

A complete line of hygienic options for both low and high humidification requirements, this series is a perfect solution for your application needs.

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ML Series Humidifiers

This series of direct room atomization evaporative humidification systems can be combined in one or more zones as required.

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B500 Direct Room Humidifier

Worry-free humidity is what Nortec’s latest innovative humidifier, the B500 stands for. A sleek-looking unit that combines functionality and flexibility without compromise.

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AF-22 Compressed Air Humidifier

Robust and easy to install, this compressed air system rises above the average expectations for direct room humidification. It delivers up to 22 lbs/hr of humidification to any targeted area.

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AF Series Compressed Air & Water Nozzle Humidifier

Available as a packaged or modular engineered system, this humidifier is the perfect solution for specific area or full-room humidification. It is the ideal solution for any direct space fogging applications.

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