Static electricity builds up when electric charges accumulate on an object's surface. Most commonly, that’s a result of two inadequate humidification. In manufacturing environments, the static can cause a number of severe operational problems, from damage to electronic equipment to a decrease in product quality. Other issues include negative effects to staff health and sparks leading to safety issues. These static problems have particularly compromising effects on operations in industries like packaging, printing, paper, electronics, plastics, textiles, automotive manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

By maintaining a relative humidity level (RH) of 55% the moisture content of the air serves as a natural conductor which results in potential static charge to be earthed. At 45-55% RH, static might still generate but parts of it will be earthed through the air’s moisture content. A below 45% RH environment is most certain to increase static charge which will lead to the symptoms mentioned above.

However, industrial machines heat up during operations can foster static by creating their own dry microclimates. Heat loses humidity in the air, so a room with overall humidity of 60%RH at 18°C may have localised dry air pockets due to machine operations. If this machine also produces the friction required for static build-up, then there is a potential risk of static problems.

Where this is the case, localised spray systems can be employed to raise the humidity in the local area. Individual nozzles located directly on machines can ensure temperature gains don’t encourage dry air. 

Benefits of Nortec humidification for static elimination:

  • Extensive world wide experience in many manufacturing industries
  • Comprehensive product selection
  • Increased production efficiencies and reduced machine downtime
  • Energy efficient humidification systems with low operating costs
  • Low maintenance solutions to reduce on-going service requirements
  • Excellent customer service including: advice, design, supply, installation, commissioning, maintenance and spares supply

Our anti-static clients include:

  • Unilever Bestfoods, UK
  • BAe Systems Munitions, Wales
  • Indoliberty Textile, Indonesia
  • Renault F1, France
  • Shi Etsu Handoti, UK

Other industries where Nortec delivers vital humidity control