Much like church and concert hall equipment, instruments require close monitoring of humidity in the air surrounding them. This is essential to the preservation of all organ chambers, wooden sound boards and sliders.

In a low humidity environment the risk of organ chambers getting dry and ultimately suffering damages from structural changes if very high. The dry air will absorb moisture from all available source and, therefore, cause sliders to stick and warp, causing an unresponsive instrument. As a consequence of compromised instrument sound boards, the air won’t resonate correctly anymore, resulting in an out of tune organ.

A constant relative humidity level of 55% within the organ chamber is necessary to achieve perfect equilibrium between air and wood and, subsequently create an optimized environment for the instrument’s shape and moisture content. In many cases, small capacity steam humidifiers can do the trick: they provide an organ chamber with constant low levels of direct steam either through a steam pipe or a fan unit.


Benefits of Nortec humidification in concert halls & organs include:

  • Multiple decades of in-depth experience with applications for concert halls and organ humidification.

  • Wide product range to offer tailored solutions for individual client requirements.
  • Ability to innovate perfect solutions for specialized applications.
  • Cost and humidity optimization through low energy systems.
  • Easy maintenance due to minimal service needs.
  • First class customer care ranging from expert advice to design, supply, and installation and commissioning.

Our concert Hall Clients Include

    - Alexandra Palace, UK

    - Christ's Hospital school, UK

    - Opera North's Howard Assembly Room 

    - Royal Albert Hall, UK

    - Sydney Opera House, Australia

    - The Royal Opera House, UK

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