Are you a Contractor that Installs Humidification Equipment?

Nortec is here to help...

We are here to work with you to make sure that every job goes smoothly and to your satisfaction and your customer’s satisfaction.  We take your feedback to offer better services and to build better humidifiers.

We do our best to support your efforts in the field with:

  • Packaged products that are the easiest to install, we don’t like surprises either.

  • Quick start guides for all products - clear and easy installation steps.

  • A Certified Technicians Program that is web based - can be done anytime / anywhere.

  • A technical support team to assist you in the field. Call us at 1-866-NORTEC1 from Monday to Friday from 

  • Delivery dates that you and your customer can count on.

Certified Technicians Program

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Looking for an installation manual or quick start guide for one of our products? Check out our downloads section.

If you are a contractor that is interested in working with Nortec on your next project?

Let us know... 

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