Are you an Architect designing a building that needs humidification?

Nortec’s project experts are here to get you started off right.

An important part of the architectural process is setting your building up right to ensure first class air quality and minimal energy waste. Whether you’re setting the structural ground for a modern office complex, are planning the indoor design of a new school or are working on a manufacturing design humidification management should be an integral part of your project. 

Adequate humidification is a key element in getting the IAQ just right.

Proper humidity levels:

  • create an environment that feels good

  • reduces absenteeism

  • improves productivity

  • prevents static electric discharge

  • preserves artifacts

  • protects the building structure

Are you designing a building? Let us help ensure you have the proper humidification system.

We are here to help!

For a little inspiration here are some of our recent humidification projects