Why Humidify... For Cleanrooms and Laboratories

The correct humidity level in a cleanroom manufacturing environment is vital to maintain production yields and minimize waste. 

Maintaining the perfect humidity level in a cleanroom manufacturing environment is crucial to upkeep production yields and decrease waste. Just the slightest modifications in humidity level may cause coatings to dry too quickly, static to create packaging problems and complications with sensitive printing applications.

Such fine humidity tolerances are often too complex to be sustained through average standard humidification systems typically employed in office settings. Therefore, industry specialized humidification systems are required in order to guarantee a constant high quality cleanroom and laboratory environment. 

With environmental settings often requiring 24/7 monitoring, it is also essential to put a reliable humidification strategy in place which considers relevant service requirements, ongoing operating costs and energy consumption. 

By working alongside clients' R&D teams, Nortec has managed to increase production yields in some cleanroom environments by as much as 60%. Through testing production at different humidities and then holding optimum levels indefinitely during manufacturing, wastage due to poor environmental control was virtually eliminated.

Benefits of Nortec humidification in cleanrooms & laboratories

  • Extensive expertise with many cleanroom and laboratory processes around the world
  • Development of custom innovations to meet unique requirements.
  • Comprehensive product range direct from the manufacturer to precisely meet customers' requirements
  • Energy efficient systems which reduce operating costs and improve humidity control.
  • Easy maintenance systems to decrease on-going maintenance efforts
  • Expert in-house service team to support customers and provide consistent, reliable humidity control

Our Cleanroom Clients Include

  • - Abbott Vascular, Eire

    - Smith & Nephew Medical, UK

    - Lifescan Scotland, UK

    - Abbott 

    - Boston Scientific

    - Galen Pharmaceutical

    - Medisense

    - Millipore

    - National Semiconductor

    - Oxford University

    - Pfizer

    - Wellcome Trust

    Contact us now to learn more about humidity for cleanrooms and laboratories...

    Learn more about humidification for cleanrooms and laboratories...

    Contact us now to learn more about humidity for cleanrooms...

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