Nortec Humidity is the best choice for humidification

We can tell you how great Nortec and Nortec Humidifiers are, and all the great reasons why you should be using Nortec humidifiers but why not hear it from our valued customers. We would like to share some personnel stories with you.  

Doug Rothmann - W.W. Rothmann

I had an energy consultant looking to replace the electric humidifier in a church with an ultrasonic humidifier to reduce the parish’s electric bills and possibly reduce maintenance costs.

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Keith Shui - Fuller Engineering Company, LLC

I ordered my customer a new GSTC 200 indoor model, with all the accessories needed to make it work. The problem is that my customer needed a GSTC 200 outdoor instead!

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Alex Bradley - ferguson/sullivan

I knew it when our paths first crossed. We'd have a long, worthwhile relationship. But it wasn't easy at first. I had to remove her from her home and give her some tender loving care.

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Keith Pulcher - HVAC Solutions

Who would have thought that a funny thing a Nortec Regional Manager did at a sales meeting would be the inspiration for HVAC Solutions' best year ever – almost 10 years later! I certainly didn’t.

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