Nortec Control Technology For Smooth Control of Every Humidifier Application

On/Off Controls

Nortec on/off humidification controls are the trusted match for all humidity control and/or humidification safety. For indoor humidity management, Nortec offers the return-air duct mounted on/off digital duct humidistat or a wall mounted on/off digital humidistat. Both feature innovative built-in sensors, a keypad for easy adjusting setpoint, and a subtle backlit LCD display. To elevate energy efficiency and guarantee safety, the on/off controls include outdoor temperature setback functions and a relay for furnace/circulation fan management which is up to ±5% RH accurate. Since humidification safety is one of Nortec’s highest priorities, air-proving and high-limit controls are available. The air-proving feature prevents humidification when there’s no detectable air movement in the duct. On the other hand, for high-limit regulation, an on/off digital duct humidistat avoids over-humidification of the supply duct. 

Modulating Controls

Humidistats for room and duct regulation function as signal provider for the humidifier, while being supported by transducers sensing relative humidity and functioning as a setpoint control in the humidification system. To be expected are accuracies of ±3% RH with standard conditions, while tolerances of ±1% RH are possible to be achieved for specialty applications.

Other Nortec humidifier technologies