Nortec accessories to accelerate your industrial and commercial humidifier application

Reliable humidification monitoring and control through Nortec Links XPS:

Nortec Industrial & Commercial Humidifiers

Nortec Links XPS for your Commercial & Industrial Nortec Humidifiers 


Nortec Links XPS enables you to monitor and control all of your industrial and commercial Nortec humidifier applications. This powerful accessory feature allows your humidifier(s) to directly communicate to your Building Management System (BMS). The system’s controller is factory installed and is located inside the humidifier. All you need to do for a smooth installation is specify at your time of order what operating protocol you are using – BACnet IP, BACnet MSTP, LonWorks or Johnson N2.

Nortec OnLine for your Commercial & Industrial Nortec Humidifiers


This remote interactive communication package for your industrial or commercial humidification system allows satellite contacts to monitor, maintain and control a humidification station from any location worldwide using standard internet connections. This advanced technology software shows the user visual representations of the humidifier and its key parameters which can include up to 75 functions.


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