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Replacement Program for Water Pre-Treatment Systems

A “Water Pre-treatment System Replacement Program” has been designed for customers who have been using a Nortec Water Pre-treatment System for its expected life span or longer. Nortec Service will provide a complimentary quote for a Certified Technician to inspect or upgrade your current system.

The “Water Pre-treatment System Replacement Program” is the first service product to launch in a series of new service products slated for introduction in 2016.

Why Choose Nortec For Your Water Pre-treatment System?

We are the water experts, so when it comes to water pre-treatment, Nortec has the experience and the most up-to-date technology to ensure reliability. Nortec's Water Pre-treatment Systems, utilizie the latest methods to remove contaminants and hard minerals from water.

During this two-step process water is pushed through an activated carbon filter to eliminate the chlorine, and then treated with a duplex softening system removing contaminants and hardness caused by calcium and magnesium.

Why replace your water pre-treatment system?

  • Energy Savings - Uses kinetic energy, so no electric power is needed.
  • Optimal Salt Water Efficiency - Low water consumption; less money spent on salt.
  • Continuous Clean and Soft Water Supply - Twin tank design allows for clean, soft water even during regeneration.
  • Longer System Life - Operates only with 100% software prolonging longevity of the system.
  • Quality of Equipment - Corrosive resistant valves and tank endure even the harshest environments.
  • Low Maintenance - No timers to set, adjust or repair; and no back flushing of carbon filter.

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