Nortec to Exhibit at IPC APEX EXPO 2017 (February 14-16)

Nortec Presents the Latest in Air Quality for Electronics Manufacturing

Ottawa, Canada – Nortec will be presenting the latest in air quality and humidity control for the electronics manufacturing industry at IPC APEX EXPO 2017 (February 14-16). At the event, Nortec will be exhibiting several evaporative and steam
humidification systems that provide enhanced benefits for the future of electronics
manufacturing facility engineering and management.

Electronics manufacturers can expect improved product quality and productivity achieved through maintaining precise humidity levels. Facilities with excess process heat can also reduce their energy usage through “free cooling”.

“Our evaporative cooling and steam humidifier products are changing the way electronics manufacturing facilities operate,” said Duncan Curd, GM of Nortec. “Our innovative approach and highperformance systems offer higher operations
efficiency combined with lower energy use, which in turn offers substantial cost savings for facilities.”

IPC APEX EXPO 2017 is one of the largest events for the printed circuit board and electronics manufacturing industry, presenting the best new technologies shaping the industry. As a leader in the air quality control industry, Nortec will be presenting its latest evaporative and steam humidification products at the expo, providing new solutions for facility engineers and operators.

“Electronics manufacturing and storage facilities face unique challenges. Without proper temperature and humidity control, these facilities risk damage to their equipment and products, increased waste and lower productivity,” said Duncan Curd. “Additionally, without proper humidity control, staff in these facilities are prone to electrostatic shocks and health problems associated with a low humidity environment, lowering the overall quality of the workplace.”

Nortec is a leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidification and
evaporative cooling products for the electronics manufacturing industry, among others. With more than 40 years’ experience, Nortec prides itself on setting industry standards for energy efficiency and hygienic solutions for facility management. Nortec’s ML-Series humidification modules and electrode steam humidifiers lead the industry for energy efficiency and performance.

Visit Nortec at IPC APEX EXPO 2017, taking place February 14-16, 2017 in San Diego, California. A Nortec representative will be available at booth 939 throughout the show to help you find the best air quality and humidification control solution for your electronics manufacturing facility.

About Nortec (Member of the Condair Group)

With 600 employees, the Condair Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial and industrial humidification systems, setting standards globally for energy-efficient and hygienic solutions through its main Condair brand. Condair is represented in 16 countries by its own sales and service organisations and is supported by distribution partners in a further 50 countries. Condair operates production sites in Europe, North America and China.


For media inquires, please contact:

Caine Ruckstuhl
Marketing Director (ASP), Nortec
T: 613-804-0987   |    E: caine.ruckstuhl@humidity.com

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