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July 25, 2013


Nortec is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year and we would like to thank you for your support and dedication to the Nortec brand.  Our success over the last 40 years would not have been possible without you.



May 13, 2013




Nortec Systems in Sturtevant, WI understands challenges production facilities face with controlling RH (Relative Humidity) and provides custom solutions to regulate this. Nortec Systems now offers more products to increase many industries production processes and reduce energy costs. The new humidification module design from the Draabe product line offers custom solutions for various industries to create optimum RH levels. This in turn offers low operating costs, reduced cooling costs and minimal maintenance.

The new humidification module offerings are the energy efficient TurboFogNeo’s. These function for a range of environments from small office spaces and low ceilings to production and work areas with high ceilings. They operate with a high pressure pump creating 100% atomization of clean, bacteria free water.

Industry examples in creating an optimum operating environment include some of the following plus many more:

· Printing and Packaging – create stable substrate dimensions and static control

· Electronics – ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) reduction

· Data Centers – Energy efficient evaporative cooling, ESD reduction and low PUE’s (Power Usage Effectiveness)

· Wood – moisture loss, cracking and warping prevention plus dust control

These modules operate with a high pressure pump and a reverse osmosis system. The water is atomized into micron-sized particles which are immediately absorbed into ambient air. Systems are internally controlled to monitor facility humidification zones (spaces) and respond accordingly 24 hours a day to maintain the desired levels of humidity. Typical range of operation is ± 2% from Relative Humidity setpoint regardless of environmental conditions. Humidification distribution equipment is matched to the characteristics of the facility to assure 100% evaporation of moisture.

About Nortec Systems - Nortec Systems is a business unit of the Walter Meier Group, a world-wide leader in climate and manufacturing technology, founded in 1937 and now active in over 70 countries. Walter Meier Climate is a manufacturer of a full range of humidification technologies and is the leading global supplier of customer solutions for humidification and evaporative cooling.


Contact: Carol Scharfenorth

1860 Renaissance Blvd., Sturtevant, WI 53177

Phone: 262.884.4669    •    •



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Ask This Old House...

A big thank you to Alex Bradley with ferguson/sullivan for ensuring Nortec was included in another great episode of Ask This Old House.
The episode began airing on January 23, 2014; to view the Nortec segment, watch scene 2 of 5.



GS / SE Improvements

Nortec is excited to announce improvements to our GS and SE lines of humidifiers!

>>

>>Download the GS Improvements Flyer