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Direct Steam Injection
Direct Steam Injection: Direct Steam Injection


Nortec LiveSteam humidifiers are pre-engineered systems designed to control and distribute steam under pressure, from a facility steam boiler, for direct introduction into a duct or Air Handling Unit. The Steam distributors are constructed of high quality 304 stainless steel and can be configured for single or multiple configurations. LiveSteam distributors are available in a wide variety of lengths ranging from 12" to 144" to suit your duct size for the best possible steam dispersion. Superior tube in tube design ensures maximum jacketing (97%), thus preventing condensate discharge, while maintaining the preferred round shape. Optional stainless steel insulation jacket encompasses 1/2" fiberglass insulation to improve efficiency and minimize heat transfer to the air stream. B2C


Steam Exchange
Steam Exchange: Steam Exchange Steam Exchange: Steam Exchange Steam Exchange: Steam Exchange Steam Exchange: Steam Exchange


The Nortec SE Series utilizes existing facility boiler steam as the energy source to generate clean, mineral free, sterile steam for humidification. The stainless steel heat exchanger is designed for maximum output while its flat surfaces ensure easy cleaning and maintenance. The SE is a fully packaged product and ready for use with potable, RO (reverse osmosis), or DI (De-mineralized) water. Available in 3 models: SEP (base), SETC (premiere), and the SETC Outdoor.



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NH-EL Engineering Manual

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