SE Series - Steam Exchange Humidifier

Industrial Humidifier / Commercial Humidifier

Nortec's Steam Exchange Humidification systems are designed to deliver reliable humidity from facility steam boilers.

Nortec SE-Series steam exchange humidifiers generate, clean, atmospheric steam using facility boiler steam as an energy source. Boiler steam passes through high-quality 316 stainless steel heat exchangers, turning fresh water into steam. This technique prevents chemical boiler treatments from being dispersed into the building air supply.

The SE-Series is a complete packaged humidifier and includes all required components, most of which are contained within the cabinetry. The humidifier is designed for easy installation, reliable operation, and rapid maintenance.

Available capacities range from 50-1050 lbs/hr (23 to 475 kg/hr), when supplied with facility steam pressure at a maximum of 15 psi (1 bar).

2 models available: premium SETC and rugged outdoor SETC

Features and benefits of the SE Series Steam Exchange Humidifier

  • Capacities up to 1050 lbs/hr (475 kg/hr)

  • “Total Controller” with backlit display

  • Intuitive scale management based on steam production 

  • All components suitable for RO, DI or potable water

  • Built-in drain water cooling

  • Fully modulating down to 25% of capacity 

  • Built-in float & thermostatic steam trap(s) and P-trap 

  • Fully insulated tank for efficient operation 

  • Pre-cleaning sequence for easier and faster maintenance 

Boiler steam humidification is an ideal solution for hospitals, schools, museums.

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