Nortec Controls
For Every Humidifier Application

On/Off Controls

Nortec on/off controls can be used with all technologies for humidity control and/or humidification safety. For room humidity control, Nortec offers a return-air duct
mounted on/off digital duct humidistat or a wall mounted on/off digital humidistat. Both humidistats come complete with a built-in sensor, a keypad for adjusting setpoint and a
backlit LCD display. Features such as outdoor temperature setback and a relay for furnace/circulation fan control ensure safe, energy efficient operation. Accuracies of ±5% RH are expected.   For humidification safety, Nortec offers an air-proving and high-limit control. The air-proving switch is used to prevent humidifying when there is no air movement in the duct.   For high-limit control, an on/off digital duct humidistat is used to avoid over humidification of the supply duct.

Modulating Controls

Nortec offers humidistats for room and duct control.  Humidistats provide a demand signal to the humidifier, while transducers sense relative humidity and are used for setpoint control at the humidifier. Typical accuracies of ±3% RH are expected with standard conditions, while tolerances of ±1% RH can be achieved for specialty applications.

Other Nortec humidifier technologies