Commercial and Industrial Humidification Solutions... A Nortec Electric Steam Humidifier for Every Application

EL Series Electrode Steam Humidifier

Nortec's EL commercial / industrial humidifiers offer complete application flexibility to systems engineers, contractors and customers.

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RS Series Resistive Humidifier

The RS Series resistive element commercial / industrial humidifier provides pure, clean steam from potable or DI/RO water with the most precision.

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The Most Accurate and Efficient Home Humidifier Available

Nortec, a world leader in commercial humidification, has designed a sleek and easy to maintain residential humidifier.

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Electric Outdoor Humidifiers

The EL-OC and RS-OC are the most compact, easy to maintain and cost-effective outdoor electric humidifiers on the market.

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OE Series OEM Electric Humidifier

Nortec OE Series Electrode Steam Humidifiers employ the most advanced technology yet devised to reliably maintain interior environments at critical h …

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