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Leading Humidification Innovation... Once Again

Nortec's GS Series Condensing High-Efficiency Humidifier

Nortec GS Series gas-fired steam humidifiers are the first fully condensing, high-efficiency systems on the market.

Nortec has been manufacturing gas-fired humidifiers for almost two decades and is continuously striving to improve on past, tried and true designs.  The newest GS series keeps all of Nortec’s long standing objectives and customer values in mind -- showcased in our most efficient package yet!
It's the Right Thing to Do!

The continuously rising costs associated with electrical power have created an ever growing demand for gas-fired technology which provides a very cost effective and environmentally friendly option with regards to humidification.

For these reasons, Nortec has been striving to develop a new gas-fired humidifier which uses the more economical natural gas and which also operates under the high-efficiency classification.

Nortec is proud to introduce the GS Condensing System (CS) model which provides true condensing efficiency over 90%.

Also available for the GS Series is a Low-Emissions (NX) model which has been designed to meet California emissions requirements.  With both savings in installation and operation, the GS offers quick payback for High-Efficiency upgrades.

Installation Savings

One of the greatest initial savings that you will notice when installing the new GS series is the introduction of a CPVC venting option.

Both the CS and NX models feature reduced exhaust temperatures of 140°F/60°C. CPVC is a great alternative to stainless steel venting.

Not only is it easier to work with, but installation costs are greatly reduced; creating short pay back periods.

Benefits of Gas-Fired Humidifier Technology

• True condensing high-efficiency
• Packaged design for easy installation
• Hygienic steam production from boiling
• Compact footprint and mounting option
• Large cleanout port for easy maintenance
• Runs with any water type: potable, DI, RO
• Intuitive touchscreen control
• Standard BMS integration
• Heat Treated 316 S.S. heat exchanger
• Programmable automatic blowdowns 

Where Can You Use The GS Series?
You can count on Nortec's GS Series humidifier when you need humidity for commercial offices, school, libraries, museums, art galleries, manufacturing facilities, laboratories, hospitals, and printing plants - just to name a few applications.

Nortec's GS Series humidifiers are already the most reliable gas humidifiers in the industry, and now              we've made them even better! 

The GS Series - A Reliable Design

  • New heat exchanger design - smooth, well spaced madrel design for easy cleaning.
  • Automatic Blow Downs - Programmable automatic tank blow down breaks up scale and refreshes water in the unit, reducing scale build up.

  • Largest Possible Cleanout Port - No lips and the largest possible view of the tank allow for simplified and more efficient maintenance.

  • Sharp Corner Reduction - The new tank design has been rounded out to make the corners more accessible to clean out scale deposits.

  • 304 S.S Rounded Tank - Thick gauge stainless steel tank with reduced welds makes for a stronger design.

  • 316 S.S. Heat Exchanger - Stainless steel, heat treated heat exchanger.

  • Sacrificial Anode - A replaceable sacrificial anode is located in the tank on the door, reducing corrosion to the tank and increasing humidifier life cycle.

  • Mandrel Style Heat Exchanger - New mandrel bent tube design reduces welds and makes for easy scale maintenance.

It's the Right Thing 
to Do!

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